A Google a Day is the trivia game where searching for the answer on Google is not only allowed but encouraged. Since launching A Google a Day a year ago, millions of people have played and learned new trivia facts along with new ways to use Google search. Over the past year, you may have seen some questions written by our celebrity guest authors (Jane Goodall, Taylor Swift, and Vanessa Carlton, to name a few) and learned a search trick or two along the way.

One piece of feedback we’ve continually heard from people is that they want to be able to share their scores, challenge their friends, and answer more than one question a day. So today, we’re introducing a new and improved version of A Google a Day on Google+ that makes the trivia more collaborative and fun.

Now you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a test of trivia and search speed and figure out who’s the expert at discovering little known facts about literature, history, or science. Race to the top of the leaderboard and earn bragging rights to show off your master search skills. Through fast-paced competition and an exciting battle of the wits, we hope the new A Google a Day game triggers your imagination about all the types of questions you can ask Google.

Check out a sample question below:

Start playing A Google a Day now—Click here to access the new version of the game (you’ll be prompted to log into your Google+ account) or look for A Google a Day in the Games section of Google+. The clues are currently only in English, but anyone can attempt to solve the puzzles. And let us know what you think on our Google+ page (tag your posts with #agoogleaday), on Twitter at @agoogleaday, or at agoogleaday@google.com.