The other day, some students and I were looking at a picture on a website, identified only as a page from an old encyclopedia. We wanted to find the original source, and tried dragging the picture into the Google Images search box, triggering the Search by Image tool. Image Search matched the picture with others copies found on the web: not only did we find the original source (an encyclopedia from 1826!)--we found a whole new world of information.

The students’ eyes lit up when they understood there was a technological answer to a problem they commonly encounter, and one which helped them increase the quality of their work as well. The technology gave them the opportunity to be detectives and ferret out the “truth” behind an image.

In the interest of creating more of these magical moments for students, we’re pleased to announce our new Search Education website, bringing educators the tools they need to help students become savvy searchers and independent learners.

Learning to tap the full potential of Google Search empowers students in both their academic and daily pursuits. Search education provides the technical tools and critical thinking skills crucial to preparing today’s students to be technologically self-reliant, independent learners.

For the past several years, the Google Search Education team has offered classes to help educators around the world discover Google Search tools that allow for great precision and depth in academic research. Knowing how to search has so many benefits, but we know teachers need materials in order to teach these skills. That’s why we created our new Search Education hub, complete with lesson plans based upon the Common Core State Standards and “A Google a Day” search challenges, as well as trainings you can watch.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences teaching search techniques in the classroom, and receiving feedback that will help us continually improve Search Education offerings. Feel free to drop us a line at