There’s a lot to look forward to at Thanksgiving--pumpkin pie, turkey (or turducken for some people), time with the family, football, and giving thanks. But the holiday can also be stressful if you’re the one preparing the big dinner. Even if you’re planning to get away, traveling during the holidays can seem more like a headache than a vacation, especially when 42.5 million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving.

To help reduce some of the stress so you can spend more time enjoying the occasion, here are some search tips to make your life a little easier.

Tackling the turkey: 
  • Recipe View. Prepare a Thanksgiving meal for even the pickiest of eaters using Recipe View in the left-hand navigation bar, where you can search for recipes based on an ingredient, cooking time and/or calorie count. You can search for a [stuffing] recipe without sourdough or a [mashed potatoes] recipe that is less than 500 calories and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. It's also a great way to find new, creative dishes for those leftovers, like [thanksgiving leftovers shepherd's pie] instead of the usual [turkey sandwich]. 
  • Convert units of cooking measurements. Now you have your recipes, but you may need to triple or even quadruple the serving size because you have a lot of people coming over. To quickly do the math and convert different units of measurement, you can enter your desired conversion into the search box. For example, you can find out [how many tablespoons are in a cup] and instead of measuring out 16 tablespoons of sugar, you can just measure out one cup of sugar. 
Taking care of your travel needs: 
  • Find flights for your holiday travel using Flight Search. Whether you’re looking to book a last minute holiday getaway or planning ahead for New Year's, our Flight Search feature helps you plan your trip quickly and easily. If your travel dates are flexible, Flight Search can even help you decide when to fly to get the lowest price. How does [Hawaii] for New Year’s sound? 
  • Track a flight. While waiting for family or friends to arrive, you can quickly see if their flight is on time just by searching the name of the airline and the flight number, such as [united 688] to see that Aunt Mary has landed in Chicago on time. 

Enjoying the rest of the day: 
  • Check the score without leaving the table. If you can't watch the big football match-ups on Thanksgiving day but want to know the score, sneak a peek on your mobile phone by searching for [green bay packers] or [san francisco 49ers] to quickly see the score. 
  • Entertain the kids. An important detail to enjoying your well-cooked meal is making sure the kids’ table doesn’t erupt into a food fight. Keep the kids entertained by searching for [Thanksgiving coloring pages] on Google Images, printing them out, and leaving them on the table with crayons. Just make sure there are enough crayons for everyone! 
  • Movie night. For some people, the perfect way to cap off a filling turkey-and-pumpkin-pie meal is to take the entire family to the movies. Whether you’re catching the new [Twilight Breaking Dawn] flick or [The Muppets] movie, you can easily check theater locations and showtimes near you by typing [movies] into the search box. 
Hope you have a happy, stress-free, delicious Thanksgiving!