Many of you create great content on the web, and we work hard to make that content discoverable on Google. Today, we will start highlighting the people creating this content in search results.

Why? Because authorship is a great way to identify and highlight high-quality content. Plus, the web is centered around people. People discovering content on the web often want to learn more about its author, see other content by that author, and even interact with the author.

We’re piloting this new search experience with a small sample of authors who have linked their Google profile with their content. If you are a content creator and would like to participate in our pilot program, please follow the instructions detailed in our Help Center.

As you can see below, certain results will display an author’s picture and name -- derived from and linked to their Google Profile -- next to their content on the Google Search results page.

In addition, as we discover new content that pilot participants have marked up as theirs, we can automatically add links to this content within their Google profiles.

This feature is powered by the authorship markup which we announced two weeks ago. We hope as more authors link to their content, it will improve your search experience and the quality of content being created on the web.