As summer approaches, you might be thinking about taking a vacation. One of the first things you might do is go online and start looking for flights. In fact, finding flights is one of the most popular online activities, so to make it a little easier to find results for your travel-related searches, you can now see a quick summary of flight information right on the results page.

See the flight schedule on a route
If you have a particular destination in mind, you can now quickly find out which airlines serve that specific route and when they fly. For example, if you search for [flights from san francisco to minneapolis], you’ll see a selection of non-stop flights and the airlines that offer them. To see a full timetable, click on “Schedule of non-stop flights.”

Explore all destinations from an airport
You can also see all the destinations with non-stop flights from a particular airport. If you’re in Buffalo, New York and need ideas for a weekend getaway, search for [flights from buffalo] to see popular travel destinations from Buffalo. By clicking "Show all non-stop routes," you can get the full list of destinations and from there, you can click to get more flight details.

This is currently available in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, and Catalan.

With the close of our ITA acquisition last month, we’re eager to begin developing new flight search tools to make it easier for you to plan a trip. While this flight schedule feature does not currently use ITA’s search technology, this is just a small step towards making richer travel information easier to find, and we hope to make finding flights online feel so easy, it’ll feel like... well, a vacation!

Posted by Petter Wedum, Software Engineer